Names of the 40 races

40 races

  • Auracian (Gold)                                                      
    • A race known to be the Law Makers.
  • Satyrian (Chaos)
    • A Race that has a philisophy that they strictly follow if you are sad you are dead if you are happy you are alive
  • Avariel (Light)
    • A race of winged creatures, that has two factions the Tranquil who use magic and keep the main city working. and the Hostile who are Noble Knights and warriors.
  • Drows (Dark)
    • they follow a philisophy they seek to not kill but eternally torture all beings in the universe

  • Lunarian (Moon)

  • Solarian (Sun)

  • Stellarians (Star)

  • Noxili (Night)

  • Lumeni (Light)

  • Lignumians (Wood)

  • Ignisians (Fire)

  • Aquari (Fresh Water)

  • Aecor (Salt Water)

  • Nixili (Snow)

  • Gelularian (Frost)

  • Belua (Brutes)

  • Infernosians (Hell)

  • Consistori (Earth)

  • Cloudians (Cloud)

  • Phasmi (Life)

  • Feroxi (Wild)

  • Sanguisi (Blood)

  • Arcanei (Arcane)

  • Lythari (Wolf)

  • Ionian (Order)

  • Erosian (Love)

  • Perodi (Hate)

  • Petra (Rock)

  • Celestiali (Heaven)

  • Mors (Death)

  • Pedicabo (Lust)

  • Mythians (Myth) (Like you didnt know hahahaha!)

  • Technian (Tech)

  • Bestian (Animal)

  • Magnumian (Big)

  • Exilian (Small)

  • Adominatio (Good)

  • Nocenian (Evil)

  • Volucrisian (Insect)

  • Inani (Inanimate)

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